Friday, March 20, 2009

I've moved...

I will no longer be posting from here...I am moving blogs and you see why when you link over. A new journey begins! woo-hoo!

Come see me at Second Chances and save the link to your favs and sidebars!! :-)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Kevin is HOME!

Yesterday was a bit of a blur for me. I was a nervous wreck because I knew I'd have to speak. And, yesterday the chapel was so packed that they had to bring in extra chairs. We were sitting at the front, so when I stood and turned around I kindof lost everything I wanted to say! ha!
It was a great day for Kevin. He was surrounded by childhood friends, family, and family friends. He had quite a group there to see him off into the real world. Four of his buddies he has had since high school came, his parents, my mom, his sister and her crew, and even parents of some high school buddies. The only regret I have of the day was that I didn't think to video him leading the song "He Arose" in the front of the church. Wow - he was really something! When his graduation video is posted to the John 3:16 site, I will share it with you. It really showed the growth and change in him from 6 months ago.
Look - here is the line-up for the day...Kevin's graduation!! hee-hee!
Once we got home, we went out to eat and then to the grocery store because for those that know me, you know the refrigerator was empty. Kevin laughed when he saw it and said I was a guy...I had Dr. Pepper, poptarts, and some french onion dip & chips. That's about it. LOL! But what was really funny was that we were tickled to just be grocery shopping shopping together! How's that for finding some appreciation in the little things...I normally hate grocery shopping! ha!
And, best of all, my wonderful food is is my breakfast this morning...breakfast tacos. His breakfast tacos ROCK! *and, no, I am not at work today...I am sick...cough...cough!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Today is THE DAY!!!

I am up, and I am wired! No snooze button today!! I can't believe I actually get to bring my big bear home today!!! Yee-haw!
Keep us in your prayers as he makes the transition from a boot camp full of support to the ugly real world.
Now, I gotta go finish getting ready and do my happy dance!!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

90 Minutes in Heaven by Don Piper

From the jacket: On the way home from a conference, Don Piper's car was crushed by a semi that crossed into his lane. Medical personnel said he died instantly. While his body lay lifeless inside the ruins of his car, Piper experienced the glories of heaven, awed by its beauty and music.
Ninety minutes after the wreck, while a minister prayed for him, Piper miraculously returned to life on earth with only the memory of inexpressible heavenly bliss. His faith in God was severely tested as he faced an uncertain and grueling recovery.

What I thought: This was a good book - not great writing by any means. It didn't help that it took me almost a month and a half to read it because I have been too busy to read lately. So, I was into it in at the beginning but not so much by the end. It is an amazing story what all this man lived through to tell. What I got most out of the book is that it reinforced for me that God has a plan for each of us. When we are experiencing trials, God is still with us. He is using those trials for us to share our stories with others and help each other.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Anyone else need a break?

I would just like a day to sleep in please!! ha! Sometimes life gets crazy busy!!
And, I am just trying to get things done (like papers graded and edline updated - all the stuff I won't want to worry with next week). Why? Because my man is coming home!!! heehee! 3 days peoples! 3 days! I mailed my last letter today!! woo0hoo! I also ate tamales out of a can tonight because when Kevin gets home, he thinks all that food is gross. I mean, I heated it up first...unlike when I eat pork and beans straight out of the can. ha! He hates that! So, I'm getting in the last of my "yucky, unhealthy" food. :-)
I am about to catch up on everyone's blog too. Last night, I had dinner with my friend with the twin girls. Adorable!! Although, I have NO clue how she keeps up with them at all. And, I don't think I am cut out for this Mom business unless I can order a 2 or 3 year old. Ha!
Ok...gotta check blogs...Thanks for any and all Audrey prayers. Check out her blog in my sidebar for updates. She has made it through her heart surgery with flying colors! Another woo-hoo!

And, last, a shout-out to my parents - Happy 33rd Anniversary!!! (on Friday) I love you both!! Aren't they cute?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


*Warning: I am getting some venting done here so I don't explode on you have been warned. And as an aside, you all crack me up when I vent and then I get all the emails saying "was that about me?" HA!

For the most part, I am a very non-confrontational person. This has its positives and negatives. I let things build and build sometimes and then it only takes that one little thing to just finally push me over the edge. Not liking to cause conflict can often cause me to bite my tongue or "let things go"...until one of my BFF's is within earshot and then they get an earful. ha! I can sugar- coat anything to keep a situation from becoming heated...and again my BFF's usually get to hear the HEATED version when I vent later! You get to hear today!

People really need to keep their opinions to themselves about how they think other's should live their lives UNLESS they are asked for their opinion. Do NOT pretend you know what it is like to be me or judge my decisions on anything until you have walked a day in my shoes!!!! As far as Kevin & I are concerned, no one has ANY idea what all we have been through except us! I am the one who has had to deal with his alcoholism face-to-face. He lived with me, so I know first hand what it was like when he had been on a binge. I know what it was like to watch him not be able to even focus his eyes or hold his head up. I know what it is like to have to shut the bedroom door and leave him passed out in the floor because I can't lift him. I know what it is like to hear him crying out my name in the middle of the night for help. ME! NO ONE ELSE!!!! So, do not judge me or tell me what I should do with my life. I am a big girl and have been fiercely independent since the age of 18, so far I think I've managed just fine. I could go on and on about the affects of alcoholism and how it not only affects the person doing the drinking - but that isn't the point. Let me also say that everyone else gets involved the day after the binge....that day is a cake walk compared to the rest. That day is full of remorse and promises to do better. That day is full of all the things you want to hear. NOW, all that is in the past. The past is the past. Let's just leave it there. My point is...until you have actually walked in my shoes and seen what I've seen and felt what I've felt...DO NOT TELL ME WHAT I SHOULD AND SHOULDN'T DO!!! And certainly, do not judge me for a decision I have made. I am 36 years old and can make any damn decision I want. If it is the wrong one, I, and I alone will deal with the consequences. It won't be the first time I've made a mistake and it certainly won't be the last.
You know Kevin & I have both grown a lot over the past 6 months. But it has not been an easy walk. We have had struggles. Some that only he & I know about. We have overcome. Together. With Love. Do not try to tell either one of us how we should act about anything. If one of us isn't all cheery one day or wants things done a certain way or makes a decision that WE are happy with, then support us or quite frankly shut-up! This is not a time for anyone to be throwing rocks or telling anyone how to live their lives. Worry about your own. I am willing to bet you have problems of your own hiding in your closet. So, as my kids at school would say "MYOB" - mind your own business!

Whew...I don't know about ya'll but I feel a lot keyboard, however, just took a beating! And, yes I went around the world to just say MYOB! :-)

Monday, March 09, 2009

In case you were wondering...

...there are only 6 more days until Kevin comes home. I know you are ALL counting down the days too (if only so I will shut-up about it!) It is going to be a little strange at first...I am jittery nervous like a first date or something. ha! We are so blessed to get to wipe the slate clean and start over fresh. (Not that anyone would want to go through what we did to get here! ha!) He has already asked what I want to eat the first week he is home. I am working on my menu...the weight is about to pack back on! ha! And, the grocery bill is about to go WAAAAY back up!! But it's all good! :-)

Now, I have to go put the finishing touches on my Master's project and be done with it! woohoo!

Don't forget to say a prayer for Audrey's surgery in the morning!